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Indoor high brightness LED screen

This screen allows you to easily create creative screens with a standard product.
Its characteristics determine a new definition of visualization in commercial spaces.
Indoor high brightness LED screen is a LED screen with intelligent maintenance system.
The screen is available with cabinets of 3 different sizes and also allows you to create screens of various shapes


500x500 mm. Cabinet

500x1000 mm. Cabinet

500x250 mm. Cabinet

The screen is available with cabinets of 3 different sizes, which allows you to compose an approximately tailor-made screen, while using standard cabinets.

The 500x250 cabinets can be integrated into the screen both horizontally and vertically to integrate the height or width by 250 mm.

500x250 mm. Cabinets

250x500 mm. Cabinets

Ultra High Definition Screen - HDR Support

The screen is equipped with a system that in addition to supporting HDR technology, also has the function of transforming normal SDR sources into HDR video.

SDR source image

HDR converted image

Double Brightness and Double Contrast with Dynamic HDR

The system supports peak brightness and contrast doubling. The contrast between the brightness and the darkness of the screen is more evident and the colors are more vivid

Normal HDR

Dynamic HDR

Various creative shapes



90° Right Angle

Concave & Convex



The Minimum Radius of Cylinder is 0.159 mm.

Round-Corner Square Cylinder

Pixel Pitch                     2.5 mm
Brightness                    1,000 cd / m²
Graphic resolution    160,000 pixels / m²
Refresh Rate                3,840 Hz
Weight                             21 Kg / m²

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