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The high-brightness NETTUNO 3D screen for shop windows

NETTUNO - Indoor and high luminosity LED screen for showcase

The NETTUNO screen, thanks to its exceptional characteristics, can best support 3D installations also in shop windows 

Cabinet di diverse dimensioni

Steel plates for the front service

LED module

power supply


Receiving card




Connection between cabinets without cables

No separate power and data cables for individual LED modules, the cabinet is designed for a cable-free connection, resulting in a lower failure rate and quick installation/service

SMD1515 solution

Unlike others who, for step 2.6, adopt the SMD2020 or SMD2121 technological solution, we adopt the SMD1515 solution with mask, with the advantage of higher contrast and better protection for LED lamps._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

 SMD1515 with mask  

 SMD2121 without mask  

Creative installations

It is not only a good indoor LED display solution for normal flat screens, but a product for creative installations, such as LED cubes, concave and convex LED screens

Technical features

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