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High brightness LED screen for shop windows and outdoor

Showcase High Brightness LED Screen is a smart, modular LED screen with aluminum cabinet and waterproof modules. The product is light and thin, stable, waterproof, with an excellent flatness rate.

High-end product, magnificent appearance

Diviersified cabinet sizes

Diversified cabinet sizes to meet the needs of different scenarios.
500x500, 500x750, 500x1.000, 250x1.000 cabinet sizes are available


Thin and super light cabinet

It is only 90 mm thick; this allows for a better effect, especially when mounted on the wall.
The weight is only 32 kg / m2


Excellent heat dissipation

Fanless design, the cabinet is designed with a fully hollow structure and large cooling area, and this it takes little time for cooling. The thermally conductive adhesive attached to the power supply is in contact with the back cover to speed cooling in the control cabinet

Waterproof modules

Module with completely closed structure
Waterproof module
Safe and reliable in all conditions

Smooth round corners

3.9 mm
5,500 cd / m²
pixel / m²
3,840 Hz
32 Kg / m²

Pixel Pitch
LED configuration     
Graphic resolution
Refresh Rate

Seamless smooth round corners for corner and cube projects

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